Wooden pellets

Wood pellets are a sustainable and reliable source of heat and hot water for your home and are now, more than ever, a reliable alternative to oil. Wood pellet boilers are environmentally friendly, easy to operate and offer the same level of control and flexibility as conventional oil and gas boilers. However, no matter how high quality your boiler is, it can only provide the maximum amount of heat that the fuel can provide, so it is vital that you make sure you are using the highest quality fuel.

Customs code of the goods: 4401310000

ННV (MJ/kg): 19.60

ННV (kcal/kg): 4600

Moisture (wt%), as delivered: 6.1

Volatile: 76.3

Fixed carbon: 21.4

Ash: 2.3

VC (mm/min): 5.2

Vm (g/min): 13.1

pbulk (kg/m$^3$): 669

Тмaх (°C): 1090

Tflame (°C): 940

Fout (kg/cm$^2$): 0.077

РP (МW/m$^2$): 1.50