Sunflower husk pellets

Sunflower husk pellets can be a good alternative to wood fuel.
They are widely used in biomass power plants and industrial boilers. Sunflower husk pellets usually have an ash content of 2-3%, while wood pellets have an ash content of 1-1.5%. However, due to its more attractive price, sunflower husk pellets are increasingly used for co-combustion with wood pellets or charcoal to obtain a better price/energy efficiency ratio.

Customs code of the goods: 1404900000

ННV (MJ/kg): 19.18

ННV (kcal/kg): 5130

Moisture (wt%), as delivered: 10.71

Volatiles: 83.59

Fixed carbon: 14.51

Ash: 1.9

VC (mm/min): 8.0

Vm (h/min): 14.7

pbulk (kg/m$^3$): 478

Т max (°C): 1110

Tflame (°C): 800

Fout (kg/s·m$^2$): 0.083

Fout (kg/s·m$^2$): 1.59