Charcoal is made from hardwood species. Such coal belongs to the class "A", which is characterized by the maximum heat transfer and burning duration. The fraction of our coal is large and meets the standards of restaurant coal. That is why many cafés and restaurants have already made their choice in favor of mutually beneficial cooperation with us. Dishes cooked on high-quality charcoal are especially good – see for yourself!

Shape Size: Natural Lump

Unfair Advantage: No Additive - No Fillers - No Chemicals

Heating Value: Min 7500 Kcal/Kg

Ash Content: Мах 3% (Мах. On Dry Basis)

Fixed Carbon: Min 72%

Volatile Matter: Мах 20%

Moisture: Мах 5%

Length: 6 Сm-12 Cm

Ash Color: White Grey

Used For: Home & Restaurant BBQ + Grilling

Packaging Options: РР bags, carton Boxes ог Kraft Bags

Private Label Brand: Yes